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Tree Injections | Enhance tree health with Kingstreecare
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A variety of options are available for the control of pests that infect trees, but one of the most popular options is injected treatments.  As concern for the environment increases, tree professionals are turning to injections to solve pest problems while protecting the environment as well.

You may have pests affecting your trees without any evidence, but when foliage becomes sparse or eaten or the health of your trees seems affected for no reason, pests may be to blame.  Not so long ago, the accepted way to deal with this kind of problem was to spray the tree and the surrounding soil with insecticides.  While this method is effective at controlling insect activity, there are many down sides.  Insecticides can be extremely harmful to people, animals and other plants that happen to come in contact with them.  Sprayed soil can easily become a problem for anyone who comes in contact with these poisons. 

For that reason, tree injections were introduced as a more environmentally friendly option, as well as an option that is safer for people and animals.  They are also very effective at ridding trees of pests.

Tree injections provide huge advantages over more traditional forms of insecticide administration and are proven particularly effective against some pests.  The amount of chemicals that is used in injections is much lower than sprays and soil treatments, and the equipment used to apply them is much less complex than other treatments.  Also, injections only affect the insects that are feeding on a particular tree and are kept far away from other wildlife, people and plants.  All of this combines to make tree injections an excellent choice for protecting trees from pests.

Once applied inside the tree, the insecticide is introduced to the water conducting system of the tree and carried up through the sap flow into the leaves and shoots.  This way the insecticides are introduced throughout the tree even to the places most affected by pests.  While this doesn’t guarantee uniform distribution, it is the best way to circulate the insecticides through the entire tree and reach as many parts as possible. 

Tree injections should be performed by a professional to ensure proper insecticides, levels and placement of injections.  While it is possible to do these kinds of injections yourself, they are most effective when used correctly and in the right amounts. 

King’s Tree Care is an established tree injection provider, with years of experience in getting rid of pests from the inside.  Our arborists are all trained in the latest techniques of applying injected insecticides for proper application and results.

When you want to protect your trees from pests and the unsightly evidence of their presence, tree injections are the best solution.  Whether you have small children or animals that play around the trees that need to be treated or you simply want to be environmentally conscious, tree injections provide the most thorough protection possible.