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Trees often require pruning to maintain clearance for utility services and buildings or to improve the safety, structure and health of the tree. They are also often pruned to improve the amenity of sites in order to enable successful cohabitation between trees and people.

Pruning is a vital component of tree maintenance and it is extremely important that it is performed in accordance with the Australian standard for tree pruning AS 4373-2007. If incorrect pruning techniques are employed dangerous structural defects and tree death are among problems that can result.

It is a common for tree pruning, lopping, and cutting to be mistaken for the same thing, but they are actually different things! It is important to Kings Tree Care that our customers are informed when deciding what maintenance their tree needs, and that they are aware of the negative effects improper trimming will have on your trees.

Pruning a tree is the act of removing branches from a tree. The goal of pruning a tree is usually for appearances, or to get rid of hazards. This is done usually to improve the shape, and look of a tree. A lot of the time, the tree is pruned to remove dead branches. Other times a tree is pruned to get rid of hazards, get rid of crowded branches, or increase the light coming through the trees. Hiring a professional tree pruner is important because each cut to a tree can change the future growth to that tree. It is important when cutting a tree, the tree cutter is educated.

While pruning is a more gentle tree trimming technique and deals mainly with smaller branches, tree lopping takes more off a tree. Tree lopping is cutting away branches, or even shortening trunks. Tree lopping is often used to blend a tree into its landscape by changing the entire shape of a tree. Lopping could also be used to fix a damaged tree such as removing branches that have been struck by lightening. Just like tree pruning, tree lopping can change the way a tree can grow, so it is important that a professional is lopping your trees.

The most radical of tree trimming is tree cutting. Tree cutting is getting rid of the tree altogether without removing the stump. Tree cutting can be a very dangerous task especially when dealing with larger trees and is not recommended for inexperienced people, or people without the right equipment. Trees have to be cut in certain directions, or with different notches which both have to be determined by an arborist.

An arborist is commonly called a “tree surgeon.” An arborist studies the management, and cultivation of trees, and other shrubbery, especially the health and safety of the trees. They generally study individual trees instead of entire forests. Arborists are trained to be able to provide any tree with the proper care that it needs. Hiring an arborist is a great decision when needing to know the proper care a tree needs. Giving a tree the care that it needs will make the tree look and grow to its full potential which can add value to the overall cost of your house. An arborist can decide what kind of pruning a tree needs, if it needs to be removed, trees appropriate for a specific location, what to do when trees fall, or plant health care.

Being educated about your trees can be extremely helpful before requesting a quote from Kings Tree Care, but a professional is needed to determine what is absolute best for your trees. More information for getting a quote can be found here:http://www.kingstreecare.com.au/quotes.php, or you can just email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Are you in a hurry? Give us a quick call while running out of the door at 0439 905 249!