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Dieback treatment Services
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Dieback treatments are like giving your trees multivitamin supplements to aid in their growth and overall health.  People aren’t the only ones who benefit from specific vitamin and nutrient supplementation.  There are many reasons why a tree may not be as healthy or beautiful as it could be, but now there is a solution. 

Dieback treatments are systemic nutrient and phosphate implants that are inserted into the vascular system of the tree.  This is done by drilling into the main stem of the tree and implanting plastic capsules with water soluble nutrient powder in them, much like the process of taking a daily multivitamin.

King’s Tree Care uses ACECAP and MEDICAP Systemic Tree Implants.  Developed in 1971, these tree products have provided more than 40 years of reliable results that are safe, effective and easy to use.  They provide a range of tree care products that can be used to give your trees exactly what they need, and within a budget that will make you happy.

We also offer the newest in their line of products, PHOSCAP.  This supplement contains a special formulation of highly water soluble phosphate and potassium designed to stimulate tree foliage.  Phosphate provides plant vigor and root enhancement, while potassium gives cell strength and rigidity.  This great product also helps enhance the plant’s tolerance to heat, cold and drought – and it reduces stress, enhances overall health and increases resistance to disease.

There are other systemic treatments on the market, but none as effective as ACECAP, MEDICAP and PHOSCAP.  They utilize non-pressurized powder chemicals, which means that no specialized tools are needed to implant the capsule in the tree.  All that is needed is a drill, a hammer and a flat-end punch.  Also, the implants are designed with tree health in mind, designed to stay safely inside the tree, allowing the contents to be distributed throughout the tree with the sap flow.   Since the outer bark will callous over the implant site within a matter of a few weeks, there are no empty containers to dispose of, benefiting both the applicator and the environment. 

While supplementing your tree’s nutrient intact may be a new idea to you, it should not be strange.  In fact, if you think about it, systemic treatments make perfect sense.  Just like people, trees may not have access to all of the nutrients they need to be at their best.  Whether they were planted in a foreign environment, are stressed by weather conditions or have just fallen prey to poor soil conditions, systemic treatments can give them just the boost they need to look their best and last for ages.

An unhealthy tree is an unsafe tree, as failing root systems can cause trees to fall over in a rigorous wind and falling branches can cause damage to property.  Keeping your trees healthy with supplementation is the best way to ensure that they get what they need and provide you with beauty and shade (not to mention carbon dioxide) for years to come.