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How to take care of your tree when you are out for vacation
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Going on vacation usually means finding a way to take care of your property and pets if you have any when you go away. Many people however tend to forget that trees much like pets require care and maintenance to ensure that they continue to grow in the right and healthy way. Failure to provide this service to the trees can cause tree root problems. These are not only bad for the health of the tree but can also have a negative impact on the property surrounding the trees. 

A good example is where tree root problems cause the tree to fall over and thereby damage the surrounding property. Here is how you can take care of your trees when you are out for vacation.

Prevent excessive and harmful root growth 

It can be quite frustrating to come home from a vacation to find that tree roots have clogged your pipes, cracked your concrete driveway, or caused harm to the foundation of your trees. This is why it is necessary to invest in root barriers. These are special bags that are wrapped around the roots to prevent and control aggressive growth of the roots. Root barriers are used on root systems that are growing close to construction areas such as concrete pavements and utility installations such as underground pipes. 

Good root barriers are designed to allow the smaller roots to pass through and thereby gather nutrients and moisture for the tree. They will not cause any damage to the root system and therefore will not result in death of the tree. 

Keep the tree healthy by ensuring that it has access to water

One of the most common causes of tree root problems is insufficient access to water and other nutrients. This causes roots to grow aggressively as they seek to find the necessary nutrients for the tree’s growth. There are two simple ways to prevent such tree root problems. 

First, use mulch to ensure that evaporation of moisture content from the tree’s immediate area is decreased. The mulch should ideally be placed in a circular area around the tree up to three feet. Ensure that the mulch does not touch the tree trunk. Furthermore, mulching also infuses nutrients into the soil. A tree which has access to nutrients and water in its immediate area will not need to grow far and this will reduce the need for tree root pruning. 

Second, water the tree before you leave for the vacation. A fully grown tree needs to be watered at least once every six weeks. Water slowly and watch the soil absorb the water until it is moist but not completely soggy. This will reduce the occurrence of tree root problems while you are away.