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How to care and maintain a mature tree?
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The beauty of a mature and healthy tree belonging to a neat garden has been appreciated by gardeners and nature lovers over the centuries. To see it thrive and grow to its full potential is truly something to observe with awe.

To ensure that your trees reach their potential, there are a few basic rules and tasks that the gardener must follow to assist in the development of the mature tree. It is vital to carry out regular tree inspections either by the gardener himself or by a qualified arborist. The root system of a mature tree is extremely important to the continued health and growth of the tree and many factors may cause tree root problems. The factors that can contribute to causing these problems are numerous and may stem from bad initial planting position to developments that happened long after the tree was planted and encroached on the space allocated for the tree. The bad design of root barriers will therefore require the need for tree root pruning of the mature tree.

tree root problemsThe art and basic principles involved in successful tree root pruning stand in the fact that it should usually be performed by an arborist that will strive to cure any tree root problems without harming or hindering the growth of the mature tree. There are alternatives such as mulching, that can eliminate the need to do tree root pruning and the arborist will normally investigate all the options before engaging in tree root pruning. The tree inspections that is recommended on an annual basis will further determine the need for fertilization, leaf and branch pruning and the need for root barriers to resolve any tree root problems in a mature tree.

To maintain the healthy growth of the mature tree, the solving and identifying of problems can be corrected with the inspection and further regular follow-up inspections and any tree root problems could be corrected at an early stage of development. The advantage of early detection is that the damage is minimal and if tree root pruning is the only option the amount of pruning is relatively minor with faster recovery. 

The secret to maintaining the health and integrity of the garden is characterized by regular inspections to detect any sign of disease and other environmental problems that could affect the mature tree. The inspection will further reveal the need for a mulching program which combined with fertilizers could solve some future tree root problems. Regular maintenance will also reveal the need to prune the tree to ensure that dead branches and possible treats to the immediate surrounding area are removed before damage is caused.

By using an arborist, tree root problems and the need for tree root pruning may be avoided and the integrity of the mature tree will not be compromised.