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A striking, and flawless yard is only a call (or email!) away. Kings Tree Care offers many affordable services to you, such as tree maintenance and stump removal, for the up-keeping, or removal of any tree, or stump in your yard. We can clear trees from power lines, get rid of stumps, or simply just prune your tree to exactly how you want it! Kings Tree Care has been giving our customers quality work and professionalism for more than six years while at the same time providing exceptional customer service!

Many times a tree can grow onto power lines which can cause fires, and other unwanted damages to a property. There are also Australian pruning standards for trees to prevent harm caused by trees. To abide by these standards, and avoid harm, tree death, or other problems that could affect your trees, and your home as well, we offer tree clearance and pruning! This may be one of our most important services due to the safety that is involved with properly pruned trees. Kings Tree Care can maintain your trees by pruning them away from power lines, or just to prune them for the purpose of making your yard look as flawless as it is pictured in your head!

After cutting down a tree the left over stump is always a hassle to get rid of. We offer fast and easy stump grinding for any size stump. Our machines can fit in any space even small yards or hard to reach spaces!

As unfortunate as a dying tree is, it is a common problem that house owners face. We offer services to properly get rid of the tree to better the growth of the other plants in your yard. Also we can cut down any dead or unwanted branches coming from a tree to make your yard look fresh and lively! Tree replacement is also offered to replace these dead trees that might have had to be removed from your yard, or to place new trees in a yard that unsatisfactorily has no trees.

Phosphite and nutrient injections is another service we offer to better the health and growth of a tree. The nutrient injections give the tree the key ingredients it needs to grow to its full potential whether it is with its overall size, or with only the leaves or blossoms. The phosphite for a tree has been found to be extremely effective in the control of diseases which is very beneficial in keeping a tree healthy looking, and saving time and money by avoiding the removal of dead trees!

Kings Tree Care provides all of our customers with the best and incomparable services along with extraordinary customer service for an easy and comfortable experience while we perfect your trees. Getting a quote is easy. Just make an appointment for us to give you a quote by either calling us at 0439 905 249, faxing us at 0897 253 168, or shooting us a quick email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . It is extremely simple to request a quote, and before you know it, your trees will be looking better than you even imagined!